Accreditation Terms and Conditions

NZC Accreditation

2022-23 Accreditation Terms and Conditions

New Zealand Cricket (“NZC”) is a non-profit body with responsibility for the development of the game of cricket in New Zealand. NZC has the exclusive right to determine the terms on which patrons and accredited personnel are granted access to venues hosting cricket matches during the 2022-23 season (“Venues”). These Terms and Conditions set out the terms on which NZC grants the applicant with accreditation for access to the Venues for the 2022-23 season.


1.1 Conduct

The applicant will:

  1. comply with any terms of entry into the Venues as prescribed from time-to-time by NZC (and/or the Venue owners).
  2. abide by all directions of NZC (and/or the Venue owners), while in the Venues, including but not limited to the times and areas of access to the Venues.
  3. at all times while within the Venues:
  4. wear such identifying badge, pass and/or vest as may be provided by NZC and ensure that such badge, pass and/or vest is visible at all times;
    b. not tamper with or obscure any items described in (a)(i) above and return such items to NZC immediately upon request or otherwise at the conclusion of the 2022-23 season;
  5. not breach or cause the breach of the intellectual property rights of any person involved in the staging of a Match; and
  6. conduct him/herself in a way that will not cause offence to, or otherwise inhibit the enjoyment of, other accredited personnel, media or patrons at the Venue.

The applicant will not:

  1. do or permit to be done to the Venues anything which in the reasonable opinion of NZC may become a nuisance, disturbance or obstruction or cause damage to the Venues or to other users of the Venues;
  2. permit any sign, advertisement, name or notice to be placed upon any part of the Venues without the prior written consent of NZC;
  3. use the Venues in any noisy, noxious, illegal or offensive manner or for any illegal purpose; or
  4. do or permit to be done in the Venues anything which places NZC in breach of its television and radio broadcasting agreements.



1.2 Guarantee and Indemnity

The applicant's employer and the applicant hereby guarantee to NZC that any and all covenants contained in this agreement will be performed by the applicant and/or the applicant's employer. The applicant's employer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NZC against any loss, claim, expense or damage to NZC or each of their employees, officers and agents resulting from a breach of these Terms and Conditions by the applicant (whether or not the applicant is acting within the scope of the applicant's employment with the employer) or his/her employer or resulting from the revocation of this accreditation by NZC. For the avoidance of doubt, this guarantee and indemnity includes any and all legal expenses incurred by NZC and/or the host Major Association on a full solicitor client basis.

1.3 Accreditation Not Transferable.

The applicant and his/her employer acknowledge that any accreditation granted to the applicant is personal to the applicant and, the rights in connection with accreditation may not be loaned, transferred or in any other way licensed or assigned to another person or entity for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of NZC. The applicant acknowledges and agrees that it is a matter entirely at the discretion of NZC whether such consent shall be granted.

1.4 Grant of Request

Subject to the procedures set forth below, NZC may grant or reject the request for accreditation in its absolute discretion and subject to reasonable prior notice and consultation may impose such further terms and conditions in its absolute discretion. Once granted, subject to clause 2 below, NZC may suspend or revoke the accreditation at any time at its absolute discretion.

1.5 Anti-Corruption

The applicant and his/her employer acknowledge that NZC and the International Cricket Council ("ICC") have policies and procedures in place to guard against conduct of a corrupt nature in relation to cricket. The applicant agrees that any information he/she obtains by virtue of his/her accreditation will not be used by him/her for betting on the outcome of a Match or any element of a Match or to induce any other person to do the same.

1.6 No Interest in Venue

Nothing in this agreement shall provide the applicant with any right, licence or occupation right in respect of the Venues outside of the terms of this agreement.




Notwithstanding any other action that NZC may be entitled to take (including for the avoidance of doubt issuing a formal warning or suspending this accreditation), NZC shall be entitled to terminate this accreditation immediately and immediately remove the applicant from any Venue if:

  1. The applicant and/or the applicant's employer shall breach any of the Terms of this agreement.

    2. Any Venue to which this accreditation relates is damaged or for any other reason unavailable for the purposes of this accreditation.


Where NZC terminates this agreement pursuant to clause 2.1 then the applicant's accreditation and right to access to the Venues shall immediately cease but the applicant's and/or the applicant's employer's liability for any payments or damages due under this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


For the avoidance of doubt, NZC shall only terminate this agreement in circumstances which in NZC's sole discretion amount to a serious breach of these Terms and where NZC considers (in NZC's sole discretion) that a warning or suspension would not be appropriate.


Where the applicant and/or his/her employer disagrees with any suspension or termination of the applicant's accreditation at any time, then NZC and the applicant and/or his/her employer shall use their best endeavours to resolve the matter by negotiation.


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